About Us

After 20 years of working in hospitality in a typical trattoria that rode Santander, May, my wife and I Miguel Angel, we decided to take some time off to travel and meet other lifestyles, cooking, relating in order and being in Koh Samui a call offers a catering business, located in the center of Santander in the area called Puertochico, which had just closed.

A little skeptical returning to Koh Samui went to see him and we have a beautiful home to the Baroque style, combining harmoniously with slate tile, wood with glass, steel and brick ceilings were papered with pictures of rock style. Well that’s it! montaríamos decided that our next business there and to call for the matches Sistine, Rome, painting, Miguel Angel, a simple little we know, but simple things are often the most beautiful.

Few changes needed local, some more light, large paintings by the walls of Samui renowned painters and little else, that if a mad desire to do the things we know with all the love we have.

It has now been incorporated into the business our little son who is a lover of cooking, also called Miguel Angel and is slowly moving us to do daily in the kitchen and we have to say that well, that if keeping sales of traditional cuisine that my mother, May, son initially but irreplaceable. We hope your visit to offer what work we have managed to develop.